Green Ground Cover Plants For Shade

Green Ground Cover Plants For Shade. Whereas vinca has both nice leaves and pretty flowers, pachysandra is just a foliage plant. There, it is not as exuberant as in its western habitat, but it is a tough plant that keeps coming back.

Flowering Ground Covers Miss Smarty Plants from

As well as rose bushes, the following evergreen ground cover plants are great to use in areas of your yard that are underdeveloped or in an informal. Ground cover plants for shade include: Although there are some shade ground cover perennials that bloom brilliantly without much sun, many rely more on foliage and color variations rather than flowers to create interest.

This Plant Is Considered Slightly Invasive In Portions Of The Northeast And Northwest U.s., But Most Gardeners Will Have No Major Problems With It.

Flowering ground cover plants for shade include: It spreads easily, so don't use where it will compete with other plants. This west coast native is becoming a popular evergreen ground cover in the east.

Compact Perennial Plants That Can Be Planted Under Taller Plants Add Interesting Layers To Your Garden And Help To Keep The Weeds Down.

Note that despite its common name, this plant has no known medicinal value in the treatment of pulmonary disease. Reaches 3 to 9 inches tall with a spread of 6 to 12 inches. Spotted deadnettle is an evergreen ground cover for shade that sometimes offers variegated leaves as a selling point, though its beauty is further enhanced by pretty white, pink, or purple flowers.

The Best Feature Of This Plant Is The Root System That Grows Deeper And Denser Than Other Ground Covers.

Asters are known to be aggressive self sowers in garden conditions; The pods that follow the flowers are an added feature. Lily of the valley spreads fast when it grows even on the sand or loam soil.

Also Can Be An Effective Edging Plant For Shady Paths.

Evergreen ground cover plants for shade. Depending on the variety, this plant can reach heights of 6 feet, so stick with the smaller types (which grow to around 2 feet tall) for use as a ground cover plant for shade. If you’re looking for fast spreading perennial cover plants, then lily of the valley.

Alpine Strawberry, Bromeliad, Bugleweed, Cranesbill, Foamflower, Golden Ragwort, Hellebore, Oyster Plant, Periwinkle, Siberian Bugloss.

Red barrenwort (crimson and white flowers), ‘pink champagne’ (pink flowers with raspberry centers), 'sulphureum' (light yellow flowers, bright red stems) photo by: One of the reasons why this perennial is a great ground cover plant is that it grows well in shady areas where other plants don’t thrive. In a sheltered, shady position, this evergreen ground cover plant can flower all through the year.

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