Homemade Pool Cover Reel Pvc References

Homemade Pool Cover Reel Pvc References. Cost was under $30 including primer and cement. Bring pedestals to pool area and assemble the black pipe between the bored holes.

PVC Pool Hose Reel Make Pool hoses, Pvc pool, Pool from

The solar cover should have the smooth side up (bubbles down). Because a tarp cover is not very tight, it is more prone to water puddling in the center. Measure for pvc pipe length.

Measure The Width Of The Cover To Determine How Long Of A Pvc Pipe You’ll Need For Your Cover Reel.

Take the long 1/2 pvc pipe piece and place it in underneath the solar cover. Make the hole's diameter 1 foot and depth 18 inches. Make sure the pipe end with the male threaded end is at the end where you want the handle to go.

This Will Be The Roof Of Your Pool Cover.

I used 1 pvc set on 4' rebar hammered 1' into the soil. The interior water of the wet hose can d… This action places the reel higher up from the ground and allows it to freely turn.

Measure For Pvc Pipe Length.

You can find all of the materials in local hardware store and make it by simple tools. This will raise the cover up slightly so it doesn't droop in the center. See more ideas about pool cover, diy pool, solar pool cover.

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Assemble two 6½” lengths of sch40 grade ¾” pvc pipe and a 21¼” length of sch40 grade ½” pvc pipe onto a ¾”x ½” tee. Put the ¾” pedal connector the 18” length class200pe grade ¾” pvc pipe and slide down until the pedal connector short side (the side we’ve cut 1” away) close to the hinge. It's just sturdy enough to hold a wet solar cover (my pool is an 18' round) but not too sturdy that it will aid a kid trying to get into the pool.

Use The Tape Measure To Measure The Width Of Your Pool And Add 1 Foot.

I made 5 goalposts to hold the cover. Take the height of the pool cover and the width of it and make two separate cuts for the sides. Ours is 52 tall, and i only wanted it to be a foot above it, so i cut the posts down to 82.

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