How To Change A Catheter Bag At Home

How To Change A Catheter Bag At Home. Wash your hands with warm soapy water and dry them. Due to their intimate contact with equally delicate parts of the human body, very strict hygiene regimens need to be practiced when emptying, changing, or doing any other maintenance with your catheter.

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Weekly changing of the leg bag • wash your hands • empty the leg bag into the toilet • holding the catheter firmly in your hand, carefully disconnect the leg bag from the catheter. Connect the bag tubing to the catheter tubing. Urinary drainage bags, like urinary catheters themselves, are delicate pieces of medical equipment.

Wash Your Hands With Soap And Warm Water Before And After Touching Your Catheter Equipment.

The leg bag is attached to your lower leg and allows you to move How to change a foley catheter. Please refer to the printed materials given to you by your nurse for more.

Do Not Allow The Tip To Touch The Catheter Tubing.

This handout should repeat what you were taught in the hospital. Our experienced, certified, and trained nurses will be deployed in the shortest time possible to change an idc at home with the utmost care and professionalism. A leg bag can be worn under your clothes during the day.

Funnel This Solution Into Your Bag And Seal Your Bag Off.

(save this tip to use later when you change back). Prepare to place the leg bag in the catheter tube from which you just disconnected the large drainage bag. (save this tip to use later when you change back).

Bags Are Rinsed, Wrapped And Put In The Rubbish Bin.

Soak your catheter bag with vinegar diluted in water. Wash the skin in the area where the catheter enters your body with mild soap and water every day. Mix a solution of 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts warm water.

• Both The Used Leg Bag And Overnight Bag Are Discarded At This Time.

This video demonstrates how to change your urinary (foley®) catheter drainage bag, a plastic bag that collects your urine. A small balloon is also inflated in the bladder to keep the catheter in place. Place the old large drainage bag on the towel.

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