How To Clean Your Shoes Of Athlete's Foot

How To Clean Your Shoes Of Athlete's Foot. Zinc oxide has antifungal properties that could be quite helpful. Foot fungus is present almost everywhere.

Shoe Hygiene Matters Best Ways To Keep Your Shoes Fresh from

Smelly shoes can cause more problems than just embarrassment and an unpleasant odor. Use of baking soda and vinegar; The method significantly reduces the growth or activity of fungal spores.

Allow To Air Dry Completely Before Using It Again.

It is an efficient method to kill fungal spores and odors. Massage the laces, rinse and then dry with a soft cloth. Soaking your shoes in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water can also help.

Spray Your Shoes With The Vinegar.

One of the neat ways of doing it is taking your shoes and putting them in a garbage bag and sticking them in a deep freezer overnight,. So, if you suffer from particularly sweaty feet, a preventative measure would be to apply baby powder between your toes and the soles of your feet to absorb all the moisture. However, they require a moist, dark and warm place to thrive.

Make A Mild Cleaning Solution.

Wipe your feet down 2x a day (once in morning, once at night) with. Repeat the process daily until the athlete's foot infection has cleared with prescribed medication to prevent reinfection. The bacteria that cause stinky shoes can breed in the dark and dampness of your shoes and cause health problems.

Zinc Oxide Has Antifungal Properties That Could Be Quite Helpful.

Both the bacteria that cause athlete’s foot and the fungus itself survive in the fabric of shoes as well as socks. If you think athletes foot is in the shower, then you can clean the shower with either bleach or ammonia (not together). It is an effective procedure to follow.

Check Out The Five Best Treatment For Athlete’s Foot :

About 140°f or 60°c for your hot water should do the trick. Table of contents (quick navigation) 6 methods to remove foot fungus from your shoes. Crush 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and rub them over the affected area.

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