How To Do Confessions On Discord

How To Do Confessions On Discord. We store urls of files attached to confessions in order to make the attaching feature. 100 words some find comfort in the pursuit of love, wealth, and social standards.

How To Do Confessions On Discord Discord how to make from

Now you probably want to know how confessions bots work. a safe place to talk about real world experiences and seek advice. Send in your confessions here:setup confesscord by running a very simple command c!setup autorun the bot takes confessions from one channel and posts it in another anonymously like you see in other big servers do this with private bots!setup confession channel with jc!channel.setup confession log with jc!log.

Send In Your Confessions Here:setup Confesscord By Running A Very Simple Command C!Setup Autorun The Bot Takes Confessions From One Channel And Posts It In Another Anonymously Like You See In Other Big Servers Do This With Private Bots!Setup Confession Channel With Jc!Channel.setup Confession Log With Jc!Log.

This is a step by step guide on how to use the bot. Here are 4 bots i recommend! There could've been more added since this post.

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It's also available in french, portuguese, tagalog, and simplified chineese, with more languages on the way with the help of people like you. This can be accomplished by checking if the channel type is dm. And how to hang up is just typing —userphone again | next is littlecloud all you have to do for her is type w!g and then just click roll as many times as you can then claim the oc do you like the most |.

Make The Command Only Available In Dm Form.

Upload anonymous text and images with my intuitive dm confession menu no one, not even server admins, can see what you posted (nothing is tracked!) easily prevent weirdos from confessing with wbl confess mute without needing any. #discord #discordserver #discordtips #discordbot #contentcreator #howto. If a confession is removed using /confessban confession or via a /report we store the content internally so our global moderators can take appropriate action on the report.

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Setup confession channel with jc!channel. In the menu, select /confess, and after that, you. Before setting up the bot, make sure to create a text channel (e.g.

We Do Not Store Confession Text By Default.

How do i make a confession command of discord bot in javascript using only: | mee6 ( for welcome messages! We store urls of files attached to confessions in order to make the attaching feature.

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