How To Keep Cats From Eating My Houseplants

How To Keep Cats From Eating My Houseplants. Try any or all of these until you find one that stops your cats from eating your plants. There is also a wide variety of sprays that can help keep your cats off plants and furniture.

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Houseplants or not, it's imperative that you take steps to keep your cat adequately stimulated. If you're not ready to dedicate a plant to your cat or just tired of trying to resurrect the greenery that's been mauled, there are some ways that you can make your plants less appealing to your cat. If your cats begin to eat your indoor houseplants, you can redirect them to their pot of cat grass.

Keeping Hazardous Flowers And Plants Out Of The House Is Your Safest Bet.

Fill a large planting box with: Research shows that cats have a tendency to chew on grass even if. Eating houseplants is only one danger facing a bored cat.

Catnip Growing In A Pot Will Also Give Them Something To Eat.

Cats are typically known to dislike the smell of vinegar, which is safe around cats unless ingested. We’ve found eight that we like. When your cat tries to reach the plant, the tower will topple, giving the cat a fright.

Now That We Understand Why Cats Are Eating Plants, Let’s Talk About Putting An End To It.

How to keep cats from eating my houseplants cats hate the smell of citrus so leave a lemon or orange peel in the soil of your plant to keep them away. Cats don’t like the scent of citrus. The smell of the vinegar will keep your cat away and break her habit of eating or playing in the plants.

The Third Option Is To Cover The Soil With Pine Cones Or.

An easy way to keep a cat away from plants is to build a tower of plastic cups in front of it. Here are some of our favorites: Use plants your cats don’t like

Apply The Spray To The Plant Leaves Or Around The Pot To Protect Your Plant From Kitty’s Paws And Mouth.

Although cats are primarily carnivores, in the wild they also nibble on plants, for added nutrients or fiber, or perhaps just because they like the taste. A pot of catnip would probably be too loved, but you can keep a pot of mint, cat grass (actually a mix of oat or barley grass) or thyme. Take off the leaves to remove your plant’s appeal.

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