How To Make A Snuffle Mat

How To Make A Snuffle Mat. How to make a snuffle mat materials. Then knotting in strips of fleece to make something like in this photo:

Snuffle Mats Great Enrichment for Senior Dogs Dog from

• 5 fleece blankets (different colors) • scissors. Double knot the strips along the entire edge of your mat. Before tying on a lot of fleece, flip your mat over and make sure there are no holes that kibble can slip through.

Before Tying On A Lot Of Fleece, Flip Your Mat Over And Make Sure There Are No Holes That Kibble Can Slip Through.

Buy a sink mat like this for the base. Unleash the hounds and enjoy. How do you use a snuffle mat?

A Snuffle Mat Is A Pad With Strips Of Fleece Where You Tuck In Your Dog's Treats Or His Daily Kibble.

When i made mine, i had strips 2 feet long and roughly 1 inch wide. I recommend these, as they are machine washable: I got mine at morrisons supermarket for just £1, but if you’re not in the uk, you can get something similar on amazon like this.

Cut As Many Strips As You’ll Need To Fill The Board.

Flip the mat right side up and lay on the floor, take a hand full of treats or kibble and spread it into the mat. Although you can buy snuffle mats, you can also create one with just a few simple materials and an hour or two of your time. You’re now all set to start making a snuffle mat for an animal in need!

You Can Choose Any Length And Width Here.

You'll need at least as many strips as there are holes in your mat. Tie the strips in a tight double knot. Choose one color of fleece strips.

7 Steps To Make Your Own Wooly Snuffle Mat Step #1.

This snuffle mat used about 70 strips. Image of a rubber mat with holes and piece of fleece beginning to be knotted throughout. These are widely available and very cheap.

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