How To Paint A Stone Fireplace

How To Paint A Stone Fireplace. This is to remove dust and debris. In cases like these, you will want to paint the fireplace stones with a brush instead to not stain any joints through the application of too much chemical.

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If working over a large area, you may want to work in small sections, spritzing and painting as you go. Keep reading to learn how to whitewash your stone fireplace. This will help the paint settle into any grooves or recessed areas, making the painting process go much more quickly.

I Used 1.5 Inch Nylon Brush In A Circular Motion Along With A Watered Down Paint Similar To The Consistency Between Milk And Buttermilk, The Color Is Decoart In The Color Grey Taupe.

It almost disappears except for a touch of texture. Whitewashing a stone fireplace involves creating a mixture of paint and water and then brushing the mixture over the stone to create a “whitewashed” look. Then we painted the hearth a dark brown.

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If you want to darken stone, you have to apply a fresh coat of stain. While i’d thought about making ours a painted stone fireplace, we decided against it. We painted our stone fireplace.

Stir Well To Mix The Paint And Water.

See more ideas about painted stone fireplace, stone fireplace, fireplace makeover. Keep reading to learn how to whitewash your stone fireplace. Painting a sandstone fireplace can be a little more difficult than painting regular stone since it’s soft and brittle.

This Will Help The Paint Settle Into Any Grooves Or Recessed Areas, Making The Painting Process Go Much More Quickly.

Choosing the right color to paint a stone fireplace; Plastic sheeting and/or drop cloths ; Paint(you may want to use a heat resistant masonry paint depending on the type of fireplace)

When It Comes To Actually Painting A Stone Fireplace, There Is A Bit Of A Technique That Comes In Handy.

Paint rollers make excellent priming and painting tools, especially on walls made of rough exteriors such as brick or stone, which can be difficult to cover completely. I went with two coats and a few touch ups in difficult areas. Right before painting, we recommend using a spray bottle to spritz the brick or stone with water.

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