How To Ship Vinyl Records Usps

How To Ship Vinyl Records Usps. How do you safely pack vinyl records? Here are ways to safely pack your records:

How To Ship Vinyl Records Usps How to Covid 2022 from

However, it comes with some. Remove vinyl from its jacket; Before you ship your records, they should be properly packed in order to improve the chances of these records reaching their destinations in good condition.

When You’re Prepping Your Vinyl For The Postal Service, Don’t Overpack It.

If you are going to ship vinyl records, don’t forget that at least one stiffener pad should be used inside the box. Sandwich the lp (in its album cover) between the two cardboard pads. However, it comes with some pretty strict guidelines.

It's Best To Put Them In A Box And Then In Another Box, With Lots Of Padding.

Steps to ship vinyl records: You simply just fold each side up and depending on how many records you are sending will determine the fold. The answer is usps media mail.

However, It Comes With Some.

Here are ways to safely pack your records: Insert package stiffeners or fillers, including bubble wrap and cardboard. How do i ship a vinyl record usps?

Now, If We Are To Go By Rates To Canada And Make Allowances For Packaging Materials:

Interestingly, it is not a standardized system and can vary. If the record has a printed inner sleeve, place the record in a clean inner and put the empty original inner inside the outer sleeve. Here’s the best deal i have found for vinyl record mailers.

Vinyl Records Are Considered Sound Recordings.

Shipping cost for a vinyl record. (usps media mail) as of 4/2/2021, starts at $2.89 (70 lbs limit) The best option for shipping vinyl records is media mail, which is ideal for shipping small parcels containing educational and media material.

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