How To Tell If Your Finger Is Broken Sprained Or Jammed

How To Tell If Your Finger Is Broken Sprained Or Jammed. The greater the force, the more severe the sprain. Bruising and the inability to move or bend the finger often follow this swelling.

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Keep your finger elevated above chest level. Broken finger vs jammed finger: Broken fingers typically look different.

A Jammed Finger Happens When You Injure One Of The Joints That Allows You To Bend Your Fingers.

Swelling may occur and last for a few weeks. A broken finger means you fractured a bone. This injury involves joints and bones in the finger, and requires medical attention to ensure proper healing.

Look For Swelling On The Sides Of Your Finger If It Was Bent Sideways.

Otherwise, the symptoms for broken or sprained fingers are actually quite similar. Broken finger vs jammed finger: How to tell if your finger is jammed or broken.

Pain In The Finger’s Pip Joint, Which Can Be Dull And Mild For A Slight Sprain Or Sharp And Throbbing For A Severe Sprain.

Within several minutes of the injury, your finger may experience swelling. If you’ve jammed your finger, ice it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, then immobilize it without the ice. Swelling and redness in the pip joint, which may be more evident when comparing the affected finger with the others.

When Ligaments Are Damaged, It Can Often Affect Surrounding Connective Tissue Too Such As Cartilage And Muscle.

Use the adjacent finger as a splint. Common symptoms of a jammed finger include: If you’ve examined your hand and you aren’t showing the symptoms of a fracture, your finger is most likely jammed or sprained.

If The Force Is Strong Enough, The Ligaments Can Tear Completely.

To immobilize your jammed finger, use the next finger as a splint by simply taping the injured finger to it. Rather than painful swelling, the finger will appear to be out of alignment, or even completely dislocated. It is often caused by hyperextension (bending backward) or a jammed finger from hitting it on something.

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